Welcome to Kinda Gourmet, my not so fancy food blog where I share recipes, stories and ideas to keep your kitchen fun!

Lots more to come!

I am so excited to start this blog!  My hope is that I can share simple, but delicious recipes and ideas that make your kitchen and your table fun.  To start I will post as ideas come to me. Eventually, I want to have a regular schedule with some desserts, meals, party ideas, etc.  So, check back frequently!


Kinda Gourmet?

I love to cook!  I’m self taught  with the help of the wonderful cooks who have surrounded me my entire life. Really, I am mom, grandma, sister, brother, friend taught. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t cooking – helping my mom make pies at Christmas or  making a huge meal with my family over the holidays.  I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with recipes and having dinner parties or surprising a friend with a cake for their birthday.

Today, as a mother of two, it is hard to find time to make super complicated recipes, so I mostly don’t.  Instead, I look for ways to make really yummy food, that is simple, with good ingredients that’s kind of gourmet.  So welcome to Kinda Gourmet, my not so fancy food blog.   I hope to share some recipes I love, some just for fun and some because everybody’s got to eat!  I’ll also share stories about cooking with my family and friends.   I hope you enjoy preparing these recipes as much as I have!



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